SKHINCAPS on the May issue of Open Access Government

Innovative nanocapsules for skin care

Due to the unique properties achieved at nanoscale, nanotechnology has attracted an exponential interest, being the focus of numerous studies, developments and marketing actions in a full range of applications. Nanotechnologies and nano-enabled materials are already being used in several industries such as textile, pharmaceutical and cosmetic. Although the nanomaterials may bring many advances and benefits to society and the environment, it also poses new challenges and impacts in health, environment and safety, etc., thus being a thematic that needs to be handled in a responsible way. (...)

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Developing smart materials for your future

SKHINCAPS story published in SciTech Europa Quarterly Issue 27

Carla Silva, CTO at CeNTI, outlines the centre’s activities, focusing on the aims of the SKHINCAPS project which looks to bring smart materials into skin healthcare applications.

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