Work Packages

SKHINCAPS work plan is structured into 6 Work-Packages, which main objectives are:

  • Work package 1

    Optimization of the innovative and sustainable nanoencapsulation technology, preparing the field for the large-scale production of the novel nanocapsules.

  • Work package 2

    Development of efficient nanocapsules for the different applications, acting on the polymers to provide them no-release, triggering and targeting capacities.

  • Work package 3

    Large-scale synthesis of the multifunctional nanocapsules to deliver demonstrators for the different applications:

    • Nanoencapsulated PCMs to deliver functional first layer textiles for improving skin comfort;
    • Nanoencapsulated cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants formulated into a cream for preventing skin ageing;
    • Nanoencapsulated essential oils for prevention and/or treatment of skin microbial infections caused by gram positive bacteria, for application either in creams or textiles.

    Study the scale-up process in terms of efficacy, cost-benefit, socio-economic and environmental parameters.

  • Work package 4

    Validation, regulation and recommendations related to encapsulation technology, specifically:

    • Evaluation of environmental impacts  throughout the products and process’s value chain carried out by life cycle assessment (LCA).
    • Evaluation of demonstrators’ safety, transdermal delivery and allergic potential by means of in-vivo, in-vitro and ex-vivo studies;
    • Exhaustive gap analysis of the current regulation and legislation, identifying needed actions;
    • Production of policy recommendations and analysis of future trends and challenges.”
  • Work package 5

    Economic evaluation, exploitation agreement, communication and dissemination activities of the project results.

  • Work package 6

    Project management